Car Crash

by Samantha Duncan

I'm upside-down, then right side up. A glimpse of blue and green florals against a starchy, off-white, cotton fabric reminds me, I'm not wearing my favorite shirt. Engulfed by a symphony of metal, I'm upside-down again, wondering why it is I never liked tomatoes. Because perhaps I never gave them enough of a chance. And it's chilling to consider that I gave some things too many useless chances. I'm right side up but still rolling, and there's just enough time for me to feel the ragged edge of devastation as my bones grind with gravel and my blood fuses with dirt.


Samantha Duncan recently earned a BA in Creative Writing and Sociology from the University of North Texas and thinks college degrees should come with instruction manuals, because she's still not sure how to use hers. After growing up in Texas, she spent a short time living in Washington, D.C., and currently resides in Georgia. She does not recommend nomadic lifestyles.