A Visitor in the Night

by F.S. Hallgrimson

He heard the footsteps slowly making their way up the stairs as he lay in his bed across the hall from his parent’s room, seemingly miles away from them. With each gentle step, his panic grew more intense, paralyzing his entire body with a weight of some unknown irresistible force. Knowing his bedroom door was slightly open behind his headboard and feeling the threat moving closer upon him, he screamed for help but no sound came out. It was too late. In a moment, the Visitor stood above his headboard, and with one final act of courage, he lunged upward successfully towards his face, ripping off a rubber mask. He sat up violently to meet his killer, but his eyes betrayed the whole event, no mask in hand or intruder anywhere in sight.


F.S. Hallgrimson is the author of The Accidental Suitor.