Sometimes She Dreams of Spain

Part 1 of 6 by Nathan Tyree

Maybe he was a big shot down at the slaughterhouse, but Suze was never going to give in to his pleas for a date. Every night she carried trays of whiskey and gin and vodka to the table where he sat surrounded by loud friends and pungent co-workers buying round after round to cement his position within his clique. Sometimes he’d pat her on the ass as she unloaded her cargo of booze onto the sticky table top. Sometimes he’d gently lift the edge of her too short skirt as if to take a peek underneath. Invariably, she’d smack his hand away and give him a good natured rebuke. Each time she had to do this she felt herself recede a little bit farther into herself; almost all the way to gone.


Nathan Tyree is the author of Space Men and How to Make Love Like a Zombie. (Look for Part 2 on Monday.)