RDU to Lexington

by Belinda Furby

Callie was flying United Air and began making her way through the parking garage, following the signs to Terminal A. Bypassing the moving sidewalks, she walked efficiently, red suitcase trailing behind, bag slung over her shoulder, juggling a bit as she reached the escalator. She had made every effort to pack light – not an easy thing for her to do; her greatest weaknesses were panties and books. Callie believed one could never have too many of either when away from home, but she had managed to keep the count for both down to ten – each. Callie made her way to the end of the short line at the ticket counter, dropped her duffle bag, and flipped her phone open to check the time – 6:13am – perfect. She hated the self check-in kiosks, banging around on a keyboard, swiping your credit card… today especially she needed a real flesh-and-blood person to say her name.


Belinda Furby, author of Halfway Unzipped and owner of a red suitcase, is a mom, wife, and engineer in North Carolina. She has a weeranian named Sadie and is thinking about getting a fish.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see you on Six Sentences! I can clearly see the scene. Good six, Belinda!

Quin said...

what a great last line.