Halfway Unzipped

by Belinda Furby

Loretta’s skirt was biting into her waist. It was too tight and she should have known better than to cram herself into it, but she wanted to look good for this party – especially good, sexy. And this skirt was the most sexy, most expensive piece of clothing she owned. But the tightness had worn on her during the evening, making her cranky despite the three (or was it four?) martinis she had drunk. Now she had a headache and was ready to be home, out of this skirt, and into the solitude of her own bed. She had already discreetly unzipped the skirt halfway when she got in the car, trying not to let Mick notice.


Belinda Furby, who gave us Grandma and the Devil, is a mom, wife, engineer, and fledgling writer. She lives in North Carolina with her hubby of 21 years, her son, two daughters, and dog.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who is turned on?

Robert Aquino Dollesin said...

Liked biting and cram, good visual verbs. Like the subtleness of the last line, the possible misinterpretation of her partially unzipped dress by Mick.


Bob Jacobs said...

Yup, a good 6S here, Belinda.