Grandma and the Devil

by Belinda Furby

The game is Solitaire (or “Solitary” as she calls it), but Grandma doesn’t play alone. She tells me the Devil is her opponent, lurking in the unlucky play of cards. Every morning it’s her and the old serpent squaring off over the kitchen table covered in oilcloth. Grandma uses her skill, and her faith, to vanquish him for the day, to put him in his place. To outfox the Devil is her daily morning challenge. She slaps the cards down, plays until she wins, and only then is all right in the world.


Belinda Furby is a mom, wife, engineer, and fledgling writer. She lives in North Carolina with her hubby of 21 years, her son, two daughters, and dog.


Quin said...

ha! my mawmaw called it the same, and had the same adversary. thanks for the memory in your words.

Anonymous said...

Great story.

austere said...

The last line is perfect, just perfect,"and only then is all right with her world"!

Pamela said...

My grandpa taught me to play against Old Scratch with blood and powder (red and black cards). Thanks for bringing the memories back. What is it about ordering the world?

Bob Jacobs said...

Nice 6S, Belinda, I like it.

Anonymous said...

Good one Belinda! Happy to see you here!!