The Gag

by Libby Sumner

She spied the gag lying on the floor and the chance spotting of it, discarded in the corner, recalled his screams to her mind. The way he had begged unintelligibly against the moist leather had made her squirm with delight and even now her pulse quickened with the thought of it all. She distractedly gathered her cell phone, purse and keys off of the table in the hallway and her body tried to disentangle itself from the house's hold. She finally shook herself from her reverie and smirked thoughtfully while she turned off the light. He wouldn't be screaming again. Now would he?


Libby Sumner, who adores and admires Adam J. Whitlatch, lives on a farm in rural Tennessee with a plethora of animals (and her husband). She's written roughly half a dozen unfinished novels ranging from sci-fi to smutty romance. (She hopes to finish at least one of them some day.)