The Most Peaceful Moment

by Elizabeth Rollo

As the sun began to rise, I realized that I was experiencing the most peaceful moment of my life. Just two hours earlier I had given birth to my first child, a son. As they bent me in half on the operating table, explaining that the medicine had gone the wrong way, I knew they had meant that both my son and I were critically in danger. I thought of my son, still inside me, and how he was so close, yet I may never see his face. As the anesthesiologist’s arm was wrapped around me, holding me up, I looked down at his gold bracelet and thought how odd that it would be the last thing I would ever see in my life. I was never so happy to be wrong, as I watched the light of a new day fill my hospital room, knowing that we had made it, my son and me.


Elizabeth Rollo, a mother of three, lives in New Jersey. She still loves the sunrise, always looking for that perfect new morning light that brings her back to that morning nine years ago.


Bob Jacobs said...

A sweet moment, Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Poignant... and I empathize. Nice 6S.

B said...

I liked your six. I can relate.

Joe said...

This is a great story, wonderfully written and one that conveys the sometimes ironic dichotomy of life and the beauty that can be found therein, even in what we feel can be the bleakest moments. Nice literary use of the sunshine out of the darkest night of the soul.