Goosing the Queen

by F.S. Hallgrimson

Mark knew he was a simple man. It meant that every conceivable emotion could display at any time without any internal check to prevent him from making himself the fool. It was such a moment. He leaned in and touched her. A flurry of activity surrounded the scene, motions and gestures made on account of him. Mark didn’t understand what his simple act had done.


F.S. Hallgrimson may or may not be "Mark," and may or may not have goosed the Queen.


London Tierney said...

And to think you have resisted being a writer! So awesome to meet you the other day, I hope to see more tidbits from you! Take Care! *London

Kendra Murray said...

I guess there is something about the letters FS at the beginning of one's name that makes you a talented writer. I love the imagery that happens without the in depth description. You are truly talented.

Isaac said...

I'm very pleased to see my father has finally began develop in one of the many talents bestowed upon him. Bravo. I hope to read more soon to come.

your son,
Eye Zik

Anonymous said...

What Kendra said above is pure fact, you are truly talented. When I read this, I think to myself, where did he come up with this, what was on his mind? Cant wait to see more :D
<3 Trista