Misinterpretation of Red Shift

by Rista Abouradi-Hoffman

"Red Shift," thought Darren, "the universe is expanding with me in it, and I never gave it my permission." Frantic in his nineteenth floor apartment, he started fingering every corner of all conjoining walls, "It's tearing us apart!" Panic struck his body as he ran to the elevator, with a roll of duct tape around his wrist, pushing "G" for ground floor. At his Corsica, he began rolling out large strands of tape, putting them around the door edges with a extra long piece that spanned from the driver's side door, over the roof, then down over the passenger's side door. "You can't take my car, motherfucker!" He swore toward the sky, addressing "Red Shift" as if it were a deity.


Rista Abouradi-Hoffman, author of Veronica, is almost finished with community college! In January, she plans to attend Rollins College (in Winter Park, Florida) to pursue a major in chemistry and a minor in creative writing. Rista is an avid animal rights advocate and wishes to develop a vegan cosmetic line (named "Wellington," after her youngest cat). She is currently looking to join a writer's group, so if you're in one and you'd like a new member, just click her name and send her an email!


Shaindel said...

I love this piece, Rista! The idea of someone hearing of a cosmic phenomenon and being thrown into a psychotic break. Well, that's how it happens! The details are great--the Corsica, etc. I'm really proud of you. I have no idea why I'm the only person who comments on your work. You're really growing as a writer! :-)

jane said...

I too enjoyed this story. Very interesting work.