by Rista Abouradi-Hoffman

"My wife will be off work in twenty-three minutes," Jason breathed out in exhaustion as he zipped then adjusted his belt notch just one hole tighter. Having pulled a white cotton tee over her exposed breasts, Veronica smirked at the fact his wife worked at Lane Bryant. She had never seen his wife but knew for sure the chance of a moderately proportionate woman working there was slim to none. Veronica smiled, taking four twenties out of the wallet that had fallen out of Jason's back pocket. She closed her purse while passing through the wooden door frame. She thought, It's great to have a wife.


Rista Abouradi-Hoffman is almost finished with community college! In January, she plans to attend Rollins College (in Winter Park, Florida) to pursue a major in chemistry and a minor in creative writing. Rista is an avid animal rights advocate and wishes to develop a vegan cosmetic line (named "Wellington," after her youngest cat). She is currently looking to join a writer's group, so if you're in one and you'd like a new member, just click her name and send her an email!


Shaindel said...

I love the subtleties at work here, Rista. That he's trying to appear thinner/more attractive for the "other woman" by sucking in and making the belt more snug--that she's wearing white, which only thin women wear because it does the opposite of black, which is slimming.

Muy Excellente!

Tana said...

Hey Rista, very cool. I love the last line :)