by Jack Paton

Until now I had neither belief nor disbelief in anything supernatural - but I am completely confounded with strange events that took place today. Whilst browsing my local bookstore, thumbing through a leather bound History of Scotland, a man approached in the narrow book lane. "Excuse me fine sir," he said with a tip of his hat - to which I merely nodded, stepped aside, and we exchanged cursory nods - as you would do if the other person is known vaguely from the past without enough familiarity to warrant a conversation. It wasn't until later when I was at home perusing the aforementioned book that I once again dwelt upon the face I saw, and I am all but convinced it was a certain Harry Gray. He and I had a brief acquaintance, some ten years earlier, and in the face of such a meeting - doppelgangers exist, or there may be some actuality in the supernatural. For until retirement last month, I was the hangman at Portland jail, and one Harry Gray was a murdering swine who swung until dead from my gallows.


Jack Paton sometimes writes, sometimes doesn't; it depends on how good life is at the time. Click here for his sarcastic outlook.


ionplayer said...

One of your best, Jack. I sort of knew what was coming, but I liked the way you did it.


Anonymous said...

Very scary and well written.

Bob Jacobs said...

Congrats, Jack. I remember seeing an earlier version of this. Good to see it up here.

kristy said...

I love this!