by Stella Boston

And then, even though he hadn't planned on staying, he asked if he could and crawled into bed next to me. It's the first time, in quite a long time, that he's slept in my bed all night. I forgot how I get so excited to wake up and find him, arms wrapped around me, that I never fall entirely back to sleep. I contort myself into all sorts of strange positions, so that I can sleep as close to him as possible. Even when we sleep facing each other, we hold hands. And in the morning, I'll wake up and we'll be completely tangled in each other, the sheets will be wound up in some unfathomable way, and I can't bring myself to move, or even breathe too deeply lest I wake him.


Stella Boston is an amateur writer and blogger from Florida who thinks that inspiration strikes in the most random of places.


Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful. We should all hope to experience love such as this at least once in our lives.

Quin said...

this made that place in your chest hurt, hurt.

good for you.

Bob Jacpbs said...

Nicely written, Stella.