October in the Springtime

by Elizabeth Rollo

She sensed it as soon as she walked in, but at first she shrugged it off, attributing it to something that had happened earlier in the day. It did not make sense as she had not seen him for over a year, and here she was in a place far removed from him. It was a late October in the springtime of their lives when they met and she did not really understand what had happened, or more specifically, what had not happened in the years since that day. The song changes on the juke box, she looks up and it is his eyes that she sees. He is there, has been there, the whole time as it was he who she had sensed from the moment she had walked in. As they come together from across the room, what may seem like idle talk to another is so much more, for it is two hearts finding each other once again.


Elizabeth Rollo, author of The Most Peaceful Moment, lives in New Jersey. She has always loved October, whether in springtime or autumn.