It’s Just a Painful Mouth

by Billy Schear

She is a housekeeper from a foreign land, with skin as creamy and dark as a melted Milky Way. She used to work in the gift shop until her thoughtful supervisor decided it best that she toil where the guests couldn’t see. It’s all for the best, she could hardly speak English anyway. Now though, no matter what language she is speaking, only low garbled tones come out. Ever since that night at the bus stop when her lower jaw received a kiss from a loaded .22 she has been able to do little more than drool while listening to the echoing giggles of the maniac who gave her a new face. Her sister gave her a Sesame Street bib to wear at work so that her uniform will stay free of pus and spittle; no one feels sorry for her, no one even knows she exists, after all is said and done she’s just a fucking housekeeper.


Billy Schear, 24, generally agrees that suicide is just a state of mind. He is currently a photo journalism student who is unlikely to graduate due to a complete lack of interest in self improvement.