Confessions of a Horror Writer

by Adam J. Whitlatch

People often ask why a person of such high intelligence and as cultured as I would lower myself to writing grisly horror stories about hordes of flesh-craving zombies, murderous husbands, and vengeful apparitions from beyond the grave. The answer is quite simple, my friend: your children read it. People also often ask why a Christian, such as myself, would taint my soul with stories of murdered trophy wives rising from shallow graves for a final night of ghoulish love-making (not to mention a bloody midnight snack), or tales of handsome vampires who bewitch young women in back alleys with their preternatural charms, coercing them into decadent deeds that neither drugs nor alcohol could normally induce. Again, the answer is simple, sir: it gives your lady impure thoughts. I see that my explanations are not enough for you, my friend, for the look on your face says you still do not understand... so I will leave you with this final explanation for why I write the things I do: if I don’t do it, then Laurell K. Hamilton or Stephen King will, and I have bills to pay. Now let me get back to my work, before I write a horror story about you.


Adam J. Whitlatch, author of Honey Do, has penned numerous horror and science fiction short stories. This is Adam’s sixth 6S story, and definitely one of his favorites. He is currently seeking representation for his first novel "The Blood Raven: Retribution" while working on his second, "E.R.A. – Earth Realm Army." (If you think he’s good with only six sentences, you should see what he can do with seven or more.)


Joe said...

What an interesting premise on 'the horror', as Conrad may have put it and why we put ourselves through it! As writers of fiction and fiction touched by madness and horror, we peer into that Heart of Darkness daily and hopefully we do our job sucessfully. You have done this, sir. Well done. Great ending, as well.

Blurry said...

Great 6S for Halloween!!! Love it!

Bob Jacobs said...

Nice 6S idea for Halloween, Adam.