Honey Do

by Adam J. Whitlatch

He smiles as he slathers extra mayo on his fried bologna and tomato sandwich, because he can have anything he wants for breakfast, damn it. His wife is out of town at a convention, and he is free to do whatever he wants. He struts through the kitchen in just his underwear, scratching himself with one hand and shoving the sandwich into his mouth in huge, dinosaur-sized bites with the other, just because he can. After finishing his sandwich he cranks the stereo, fills the sink with water, and begins the first task on the long list of chores she left for him: do the dishes, feed the dog, sort the laundry, mow the grass, take the kids to karate, vacuum the living room, mop the kitchen floor, clean the bathroom, take out the garbage, and finally at the bottom she scrawled, I love you, sweetheart. Why’d she leave him such a long list when he has the whole house to himself for the day? Because she can.


Adam J. Whitlatch, author of Casey at the Bat, wrote this story while his wife was out of town for two days at a veterinary convention. He is the author of several science fiction and horror short stories and is currently hard at work on his second novel, "E.R.A. – Earth Realm Army." (So, if he only writes horror and science fiction, why did he write such a cute and humorous piece like "Honey Do?" Because he can.)


Madam Z said...

Damn, that sandwich sounds good! And I hope he ignores at least SOME of that "long list...because he CAN!"

Blurry said...

Awesome 6S! I loved reading this departure from your horror writing, it just goes to show your talent in other genres too. *wonders if that whole list got done, hehe*