by Rista Abouradi-Hoffman

Coming out for Stacy was more awkward than painful. With a closed fist of waded up panties, she searched for words. Her sister, Ramona, had walked in just as her lover relaxed on the bed. "Get out of here," clenching her hand tighter, "get out!" Slowly stepping backwards, Ramona put her hand around the brass door knob. "Stacy, you need to read Leviticus."


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Rion said...

Wonderful. I want more sensory input. Put me in the moment. Very nice.

Quin said...

oh, this... this was nice.

Madam Z said...

Would Stacy have come out if Ramona had not walked in? Will Stacy "read Leviticus?" I demand a sequel!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all who have commented. I will work on a sequel, give me some time :)


austere said...

tremendous.. and then?