Post-It Notes

by Rista Abouradi-Hoffman

Amber had been working at Old National Bank for three years with the same routine: bagel at eight, soda at ten, and between noon and one, sneak into Derek's office. He was the bank's manager who always seemed to overlook women for promotions. That fact infuriated her even more as two months prior, she was eligible for lead teller. After slipping in to his office, she took just one thing each time. On his desk, there were as many as fifty Post-It notes with a name or note probably scribbled down as the phone hung from his ear. It was exciting to extract just one little yellow piece of the puzzle then watch for the frustrated look on Derek's face.


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MrH said...

I liked the way you created a casting-couch expectation, then pulled it away, empowering her and diminishing him at the same time.

Quin said...

who hasn't wanted to do this? i loved the walk with her..

Bob Jacobs said...

Neat, mischievous idea, Rista. Well captured.