by Robert Clay

I looked down at the small cold silvery ball of plutonium. The cold is an illusion of course, deep down inside that metal ball is the sort of heat that can power a city, or burn one. MANmade element? Well, women have more sense. They would prefer to make an omelette than this shiny little key that opens the gateway to hell, and I’m inclined to agree with them. Not as much fun though.


Robert Clay, author of Too Late for Sorrow, is a Seafarer now stranded on land. He lives in Cornwall in the UK.


Quin said...

and that is why women should run things.

nicely done, mr clay.

Madam Z said...

Hm. A nice, tasty, nourishing omelette, or the gateway to hell. Tough call.

Very clever post, Mr. Clay.

austere said...

Nice; that sort of rhymes with Rice, and that's heady, adrenalin charged but does not fit, no omlette. But I wish.

Harry said...

I think Sinbad's fishing from shore here. By berating his benutted brethren he's dangling bait he knows the coffee clatch will rise to. Hold up there Helen Reddy! I like that bumper sticker where the defense department needs to have a bake sale for funding as much as the next GUY, but Helen Keller could see there's something fishy about this narrow view that puts evil men in the lab and the little lady in the kitchen.

Madam Z said...


Of course we women aren't ALL sweet and peaceful, and you men are not ALL mean and nasty. We're talking relativity here.

Harry said...

Madam Z,

I like you and
I do hope one day you get me. My comment wasn't meant to be in defense of my gender but rather to point out what seemed to me like pandering and an insult hidden in a compliment towards yours. However inadvertant it may have been. Let's discuss it over breakfast. I'll cook. Robert, I do know where you were going but my mom was a femanist before the term was ever coined. I did like your Too Late for Sorrow. Keep 'em coming.

Madam Z said...

Oh Harry, I'm so sorry about my itchy trigger finger. Re-reading your comment tonight makes me "get you." Yes, let's have breakfast and talk. I like waffles with real butter and lots of maple syrup.

Harry said...

Hey Quick-Draw,

Sometimes it's best to shoot first and ask questions later. But real butter and lots of Maple syrup is ALWAYS the only way to go.

Bob Clay said...

I think you missed the point Harry. You need to read the last sentence very carefully.