Morning Death

by Libby Sumner

She rolled over and fumbled for the snooze button on the alarm clock as the annoying DJ sang out the time as Six A.M. on this BEEEEAUTIFUL Monday morning! She glared momentarily at the first edges of dawn peeking in through the curtains. Her glare melted into a smile as his arm wrapped around her and snuggled her back into the covers. He pulled her away from the sunshine and snoozing alarm clock while he nuzzled her ear and cuddled her for a few minutes. Her nose wrinkled at the smell that tickled her nose and she started to mumble something about him needing to brush his teeth when she remembered that he was dead and supposed to be at the funeral home. As she rolled slightly to look at him her scream was drowned out by the same all-too-chipper DJ.


Libby Sumner, author of The Gag, adores and admires Adam J. Whitlatch. She lives on a farm in rural Tennessee with a plethora of animals (and her husband). She's written roughly half a dozen unfinished novels ranging from sci-fi to smutty romance. (She hopes to finish at least one of them some day.)