The Actress

by Peggy McFarland

Her lifelong dream was to be an actress; to be adored, doted upon, loved. Her courage failed when her father threatened to never see her again if she pursued her foolish dream. So she met a man, thought she fell in love and convinced herself she could be happy with such a life. Her courage failed when he threatened to never love a woman again if she left him to pursue her reckless dream. So instead of audiences, she met the neighbors; instead of exotic locations, she went to the grocery store; instead of being another, she signed checks with her legal name. And when he returned home at the end of his work day, ready to adore her, dote upon her, love her... she took a deep breath, adjusted her smile, and whispered, "Lights, Camera... Action."


Peggy McFarland, author of Not the Mom, has now written eighteen sentences for this site. Someday, she hopes to write many, many sentences all in a row.