The Picture

by Kimi Goodrich

She lies naked on the bed face down first, it somehow suits her better than any dress. She beckons her lover, inviting him to look closer without a formal invitation. She tantalizes and she knows it, so she spreads her legs ever so slightly, leaving the promise of suggestion. Carelessly, she tosses a glance from over her delicate shoulder and winks at the camera her lover points, for she knows that her temptation can burn in images deeper than the flesh one can't hold. Ever so slowly she rolls over, her arms above her head, her treasures triumphantly displayed. The image is taken, the memory solidified before the camera drops to the floor.


Kimi Goodrich, author of The Celebrity Series: Paris, has a confession to make. She is addicted to the website Penance 7 and is actively sinning in order to anonymously confess.