by Prissana Chantrarom

Why American who jump into their P.J. right away after they are back from work think that they are cleaner? To avoid the baby to get pimple on her cheek, I'm not allowed to kiss her but her mom uses saliva to rub on her face to remove her dry boogy on her cheeks. Sam, my American boyfriend, doesn't want me to cook telling me that I make the kitchen dirty and stinky, but he saves the rest that he couldn't finish into the soup pot that I just make. If you want to be healty, just eat less junk food and eat more veggy instead of paying attention to the words "sugar free" or "low fat" on the label. Sam gets upset when I don't know the famous American singers in the 70s he talks about, even if I wasn't born yet. Please don't expect me to know everything about your country and don't act like you are so civilized than others just only because your country is so powerful.


Prissana Chantrarom, a nanny, came to America from halfway around the world to learn what isn't taught in the classroom.