God is Dead

by Nathan Tyree

God is dead. I don't mean that in any ironic, postmodern sort of way. I just mean that your god: Jehovah - or Yahweh, depending on your taste in vowels - is mort. He died in a car crash out on Highway 1 last Tuesday. After the ambulances left I skinned the corpse. Then I ate him.


Nathan Tyree's work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in Flesh and Blood, Doorknobs and Body Paint, The Flash, Bare Bone, Dogmatika, Wretched and Violent, and The Empty Page: Stories Inspired by the Songs of Sonic Youth. He's also the author of At Night, and helps edit Magazine of the Dead.


dirk said...

You should write a religious diet book! It'll sell millions of copies!

madam z said...

Cool! Forget those lame sacramental wafers. Get the real thing!