Part 1 of 6 by Peter Wild

The wheels started coming off that night we went to the dog track. It was colder than a witch’s tit – you could see the breath frosting even when you were breathing in – and we weren’t speaking, which wasn’t anything new, I know, but it felt different all the same. You were over by the tote guy getting a price on a dog called Fried Turkey Lunch when I overheard some little snot talking music and mispronouncing the name of Deerhoof – who are, like, my favourite band. (He kept saying Deerhuff over and over, Deerhuff, man, Deerhuff – Deerhuff rock, man – Deerhuff are the fucking bomb, baby.) I had to slap his face, had no choice, had to slap his face and say it isn’t huff you retard it’s hoof, hoof okay, hoof so it rhymes with roof and truth and proof and uncouth. I kept slapping at the kid until he took off running up the bank of seats, his friends yelling, asking me what my problem was but I didn’t care, I was proud of myself – leastways until I turned round and saw you stomping off towards the exit.


Peter Wild, author of Gum Runner, has introduced a new concept to 6S - the six-part story (with each part exactly six sentences). Look for Part 2 of "Deerhoof" on Sunday, March 4th, and look for Peter at peterwild.com.


madam z said...

1. Did the dogs go "wuff" or "woof?"
2. Did you get in a "huff" over the pronunciation or in a "hoof?"
3. Was the "little snot" a "guff" or a "goof?"
4. Did you "ruff" him up or "roof" him up?
5. Will your girlfriend make you "suffer" or "soofer?"
6. No matter what the answers are, YOU, Peter, are "the BOMB" and that's the trooth!

David said...

Looking forward to Part 2...

RomanceWriter said...

Love it! The voice used in this story, of the character, is strong enough to propel a whole novel.

Anonymous said...

I am the composer of "Woof, Woof Woof On the Hoof, Hoof Hoof." Just thought I'd let you all know this. It was a nonsense song I wrote for my kids.