On Judgment Day

by Shawn M. Hetz

I look around, and I see little hope of help for the road that I lead - the warning signs are staring me in the face, like a deer staring into headlights. There is a feeling I cannot resist, and that feeling is to go on. The pain is great but my mind is strong and my will even stronger. But is death the only way to slow me down? This I do not know. What I do know is in the end on Judgment Day, I will be able to smile and tell God that I did what I felt was right.


Shawn M. Hetz is the author of The Pain, The Trick and Beating the Odds and Society.

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madam z said...

Shawn, I don't know whether your writing is autobiographical or not, but it sounds like it is. If it is, you seem to be an intellegent, introspective, troubled and extremely courageous man. I hope you find the help you need. I hope you will find a way to enjoy life in spite of your pain. And I hope you will "be around for a long, long time."