My Newest Lover

by Kimi Goodrich

I sit so long at my computer, it has become my newest lover, it knows me better than anyone and I trust it with all of my heart. The keyboard caresses me, my favorite letters are worn from use, it feels which ones I like the best and tap the most. A sexy, simple flatscreen proves to be a mirror of my inner worlds, connecting me to the world, displaying with certainty what my mind fancies, proudly flashing the pages with pride, and when I go idle, it keeps thoughts of me nearby; a quote of mine looping, keeping the screen busy, dancing across in some wavy, crazy, silly font, or sometimes a picture of my favorite memory... it's really very aware of my needs. My speakers, my beloved speakers, they are so confident in their ability to communicate with me and the sure, firm and steady way they pulse with my favorite songs shows me how much they love my songs too; I can tell because they would never dream of skipping or fading anything that I request. A strong memory drive contains, cherishes and sweetly organizes the past 5 years of my life: a portable diary, a photo album, an amazing music collection and my volumes of writing all rolled into one neatly labled container, it is the backbone and history of me. My computer and I are so compatible it worries me, but not quite as worried as I get when I re-read this and realize that I really need to get out more.


Kimi Goodrich, author of Take the Money and Run, really needs to get out more.

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Rhea said...

Ha! My own keyboard has no more 'N' on it. The 'H' and 'M' are also disappearing from use.