Microscopic, Edible, and Delicious

by Ralph Anthony William

Nothing's impossible. Oh yeah, it's completely impossible to eat the entire world. No, not if maybe there's some invention that shrinks things down at the molecular level to make everything microscopic, edible, and delicious. But at some point, all that's left is just you and the machine, so how do you eat yourself AND this shrinking machine? I'll quickly shrink the machine with the machine, then shrink everything on my body except my mouth and pop the tiny shrinking machine down my throat in the "on" position so it keeps shrinking the shrunken me for infinity, until I digest myself and disappear. Alright I'll give you that, but even you have to agree that it's DEFINITELY impossible to do it twice.


Ralph Anthony William's initials spell "raw." Backwards, they spell "war." Too cool.