Take the Money and Run

by Kimi Goodrich

I liked him, I thought he was so nice, told him he was nicer than most of the pompous jerks in the city, and touted him as my "nice young man" to my family and friends. But he led me to nothing and here is another dude that has become an expired number to crumple up and toss away. He signed off, signed out, cashed the check, took all of my money and ran. It must be easy - I guess - for some people to just go on with it, moving along like an express checkout line, never admitting anything happened, or anything existed. No words to explain the drop off, no actions to make it clear, traces of confusion and bewilderment remaining stale in their wake. I should have believed him when he said he was mean.


Kimi Goodrich, author of The Unborn Kiss, is brilliantly observant. She enjoys music immensely and knows the lyrics to many, many... way too many songs. She's been having a love affair with her computer for awhile now, spending many hours with the only one who understands her to the core. (Yes, she knows that is rather depressing.)