The Unborn Kiss

by Kimi Goodrich

There was a moment while hugging when we looked into each other’s eyes and felt an unborn kiss lingering heavy in the air. This kiss was taunting, not really a thought to be played on, but a thought to travel through. It swirled around us like it was living and breathing – the thought that a kiss was alive, trying to escape and be painted in actions. There was a moment of hush, of lust and of touch, our bodies were entwined but our eyes held a gaze that had a life of its own. The kiss was inside, staking claim with its presence, shining its intention the only way it knew how. Through our eyes wide open.


Kimi Goodrich lives in New York City. She has many nicknames, but likes to call herself "The Kiminator." She is never too tired to be on MySpace.