Killing is Easy

by Joe McCool

The world is full of people walking around blissfully secure in their untested virtue, hiding behind the thin veneer of propriety we wear like halloween masks. Sure, we all like to think it's someone else who's ready to snap. It's some stranger who's going to lose their ability to reign in the killer instinct. But we all have that primal urge to kill. And killing is easy when it's programmed into your DNA. You can thank your Gods for that one.


Joe McCool (yes, that's his real name), author of Office Mate, is a freelance trend spotter in New York City (and no, that's not his real job).


rogerthered said...

hi. having been in the military, iknow all too well the truth of your post.i'm split down the middle;i feel the urge to kill,& the desire tolerate.as to god;i'm not qualified to comment.as far as genetics; there are hunters, victims& those who have yet to decide.myself, when i kill, it is in self defence;& i thank god i have never been sucsesfull:&i also pray that i never will be.

Chase said...

Good stuff.