Random Band-Aid

by Diane Bossotti

You usually see them floating in public pools, having lost their adhesive grip from the elbow or knee they once covered, and bobbing abandoned upon chlorine waves. Or you'll see them cemented to the grimy New York sidewalks as you walk to work avoiding eye contact. Oh, why do these band-aids taunt me so? Maybe because I know they once covered open, oozing wounds. Wounds on body parts on strangers I don't know. Random pieces of plastic that are tainted for life...


Diane Bossotti hates random band-aids, as well as wads of spit in the middle of the sidewalk and people who swing those metal-tipped, pointy umbrellas as they walk, threatening to poke and jab the people behind them.

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Siobhán said...

I saw a doozy of a random Band-Aid today. Made me think of you and smile.