I Got Sick of Making Excuses for Dog #586 at Paws Perfect No-Kill Shelter

by Luanne Castle

“He’s not picky—he’ll eat anything. We have 24/7 proof he has great vocal cords. He loves to provide birds and cars with lots of exercise. He does his business with perfect aim” (not on cue, I thought). He’d been there 344 days so far, so when the last ones rolled their eyes and turned away, I brought him home. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog.


Luanne Castle's award-winning poetry collections are Rooted and Winged and Doll God. Her chapbooks are Our Wolves and Kin Types, a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award. Luanne’s Pushcart and Best of the Net-nominated poetry and prose have appeared in Copper Nickel, Bending Genres, River Teeth, The Ekphrastic Review, and other journals.