Sexy Sexy Jesus

by Linda Sanchez

Susan and I show up for this business networking meeting that’s held at the Congregational Church and maybe because I’m a recovering Catholic and she’s a Baptist converted to Judaism, we both notice the painting right away. It’s on the wall across from where we’re seated, balancing coffee cups and notecards in our laps, preparing to introduce ourselves and give the elevator speech we’ve worked up about our new venture. The painting is a watercolor of Jesus standing in a nature scene, holding a lamb under one arm and a thick staff in the opposite hand. The arm holding the lamb is muscular and toned, having escaped the folds of Jesus’ tunic, which, incidentally, is also open at the throat and chest. Jesus’ hair flows thick and wavy framing intense eyes and a strong, neatly-bearded jawline. We’re up next, as newcomers, but I don't stop myself from whispering to Susan, It’s sexy sexy Jesus, and she spits her mouthful of coffee across the room.


Linda Sanchez is a writer, teacher, alchemist, and entrepreneur who's thrilled to share her short stories and flash fiction. She lives outside of Boston with her husband and two beloved dogs, more often than not in a state of bliss. You can read more of her work here.