The Dollhouse

by E.M. Foster

Daisy wondered why none of her friends hadn't come to visit in years. She once thought about remodeling in case that helped—the hot pink kitchen appliances had always been gaudy, the banana yellow floor clashing with the purple wallpaper. But the idea died like childhood whims when she realized her body and soul weren’t what they used to be. It was a hard, bitter truth, like the plastic candies in her purse, and Daisy refused to swallow. Instead, Daisy lay in the dust by the front door, limbs splayed awkwardly, waiting for the battery-powered doorbell ring. From her angle, she could see her space suit drooping off a hanger in the closet, and she wondered which existential crisis it had come from.


Emma Foster is a graduate student, fiction writer, and poet from Florida. Her work has appeared in Aurora Journal, Sledgehammer Lit, The Drabble, and is forthcoming in Sour Cherry Magazine. You can read more here.