by Eli S. Evans

It was as though he wasn’t even there. The girls looked right through him – and the boys, well they only noticed him when they needed something to snigger at. Even the teachers seemed not to see him when he raised his hand in class to answer one of those questions he always did know the answer to, like how to spell “tuft” like the tuft of fur on a bobcat’s ear as opposed to “tough” like a tough piece of beef jerky, or what distinguishes a taiga forest from a temperate one, or who was Georgia O’Keeffe. Fed up, one day during lunch he went into the bathroom and tried to hang himself with a yo-yo string. A yo-yo string! We sure did know better than to forget about old whatshisname again after that.


Eli S. Evans has been littering the internet with his work since 2001. A chapbook with Analog Submission Press (A Partial List of Things I Thought Might Kill Me Before I Started Taking a Daily Dose of Benzodiazepines) was published in August 2020 and a small book of small stories, Obscure & Irregular, is available from Moon Rabbit Books & Ephemera and other online retail behemoths.