by Jacqueline Doyle

You’re always mansplaining, my wife says, but that’s because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Like when she says, My hairdresser says cutting out fats is bad for your hair, am I supposed to say, Really, I’ll stop cutting out fats, like her hairdresser is some kind of authority? I’m not a big reader, but I’ve got a college degree, and I think I know a little bit more than her hairdresser. Or when she reads about the Napoleon Complex in some women’s magazine. Come on, it’s not like she didn’t know I was short when she married me. Now she wants a marriage counselor?


Jacqueline Doyle is the author of the flash fiction chapbook The Missing Girl (Black Lawrence Press). Her flash and micros have appeared widely. One of her first publications was a meta-micro in Six Sentences. Find her online here and on Twitter.