Tenure Track

by Jon Fain

The professor has lots of books on her desk. A student she meets with sees one of the titles and reports her. She suspects it’s the kid who rocked back and forth like one of those plastic birds that dip up and down, pretend to drink water out of a glass. He’s the one who couldn’t pronounce Charlemagne. He was the type of student who, when she first started, she’d want to help find a way to flourish. Now, with the Dean’s terse letter in hand, she wants to lift the drawbridge, drag buckets of scalding oil to the ramparts, and rain them down upon him.


Jon Fain's micro fiction has been published in Molecule, Star 82 Review, The Daily Drunk, The Dribble Drabble Review, The Drabble, Scribes Micro Fiction, and Blink-Ink. He lives in Massachusetts.