Seminole Towers: Tallahassee, FL

by J. Bradley

President Minotaur surveys what’s left of the high-rise condo, the rescue crews looking for who’s left. You need to do something about the ocean, one of the mourners yells at President Minotaur. This is the closest President Minotaur has been to the ocean since he escaped the orphanage, dragging the body of the only boy he loved onto the shore, the one who was supposed to escape with him. The ocean is American, the President’s press secretary reminds the mourner. It takes what it wants. President Minotaur charges into the waves to prove he can finally defeat the ocean, and everyone applauds.


J. Bradley is the author of Teenage Wasteland: An American Love Story (WhiskeyTit Books, 2021). He cartoons on Instagram.