Clip After Clip

by Matthew McGuirk

Clip after clip and reel after reel, national news makes mass murderers household names. They plaster the perpetrators’ pictures on the glittering screens and wonder what causes this continual chaos and barrage of bullets. All the stations need to do is turn their rolling cameras around to find the culprits. Pointing barrels and emptied clips that shattered lives and broke families are splayed across screens worldwide making violence viral. The next clip is already being loaded while taking detailed notes on previous people’s mistakes. The world is watching a film session for the next face painted across shimmering silver screens.


Matthew McGuirk teaches and laughs at his puns by day and scribbles somewhat coherent words nightly. He lives with his family in New Hampshire. Words in The Daily Drunk Magazine, Goat’s Milk, Idle Ink, Maudlin House, Purple Wall Stories, Sledgehammer Lit, Versification and others (and tweets here).