The Vicious Cycle of Love

by Yamini Vijendran

She was repulsed the first time she saw him, his arrogance and brawniness evoking nothing but contempt in her. As days went by, repeated encounters converted the repulsion to attraction, she falling in love with his naughty eyes and sensuous physique. The infatuation soon became an obsession and she started clinging to him too tight, too afraid to lose. So when the bumble-bee lost interest in this flower and flew over to the next, she succumbed to depression and desperation. It took her a long time to move on with her life, and though she thought the scars would never heal, she surprised herself when she felt only indifference seeing him after some years. All she felt then was relief that their relationship had failed, his behavior only vindicating her initial repulsion.


Yamini Vijendran is a freelance writer, who strongly believes in the idiom "home comes first." Her values and beliefs are amply reflected in her writings and mirror to the world the things she stands firmly by. Her stories are inspired by people and incidents around her and her impetus comes from her loving family.