No Probate

by Jon Fain

After Larry died, his sons started buying the expensive mustard, got fitted for linen pants, anticipated windfall. They should have remembered the efficient way she handled their route when she was their carrier. They shouldn’t have dubbed her The Mail Whore — although she blamed the ex-wife for that — and never dropped it, even years after she married their father. They could have the Christmas decorations, the rusted Weber grill, and the box of sheet music from childhood piano lessons. Everything worthwhile? Had been in her name long before the cancer, long before he drifted away in a final narcotic haze.


Jon Fain's micro fiction has been published in Molecule, Star 82 Review, The Daily Drunk, The Dribble Drabble Review, The Drabble, Scribes Micro Fiction, and Blink-Ink.