Garden Chair

by Devin Myles

I remember sitting in that old garden chair with the sun on my face as I stared up at the clouds; imagining I was among them, looking down on a spinning world. Wherever it stopped, that’s where I got off, for the world was my room; the galaxy, my garden; the universe, the path through the fields to the river, where other universes extended over the bridge; I wandered them all and marvelled. Later, I sat on that green metal seat and watched my children play; but never for long. A chase, a push, a bounce; kicking the ball; catching the ball; throwing the ball, retrieving the ball. Only then might I return to finish my cooling cup of tea. Now, if my pillows are plumped and my head leans just right, I can still see that old garden chair and I remember when I sat and dreamed; where I caught my breath from smiles and playful exertion.


Devin Myles is an imaginary figure who set up a website for his short stories during a pandemic and started tweeting doodles from here.