The Barrister

by Jeanette Cheezum

The first thing he did when he got out of the shower was to look in his closet. Where was the dry cleaning his wife picked up yesterday? After all, if she wanted him to win the case before the judge laid down the gavel, he needed to look good. The jury was filled with women of all ages and they would be putty in his hands. After all, the defendant had several violations in the past two years, gauges in his ears, a nose ring and used language that would make a sailor blush. One more look in the mirror and he knew he had the case wrapped up and his check would be in the mail.


Jeanette Cheezum's work has been published internationally in print and online. She was nominated for Best of the Net in 2010 and a Pushcart Award in 2014. She's been published in fifteen anthologies, including five 6S books and four books of poetry (three of which have made the New York Times Best Seller list). She's written 700 six-word stories for Smith Magazine; has been awarded the Helium Network’s Premium Writer’s Badge and a Marketplace Writers Award; is the editor of Cavalcade of Stars and has published fourteen E-Books (all waiting for your reading pleasure at Amazon and Barnes and Noble).