Because They Could

by SE Anderson

The World-wide Drag Queen organization put together a little something for us, to keep their minds briefly off of the plague. Two of us scholarship students stayed put at the banquet table, where some 700 people, including the Mayor of Denver and other political know-it-alls milled around, but the other girl kept leaving and coming back, showcasing different gowns, different tiaras. After we three had finally walked the runway so that we could receive our checks, the guy from Colorado State and I were invited for the after-parties. Classes began first thing the next morning, so I begged off. Why not invite the other girl too? The mascara on the six foot one womanette was in place but the smeared lipstick had done a lot of work: she didn't earn those tiaras, her uncle did.


SE Anderson lives somewhere in Quebec and occasionally writes observations on her blog. (Topics include food and tales of speaking terrible French with dogs.)