Now, Always, Forever and Longer

by Paige von Liber

She struggled to understand the test results; tears, images and fears all jumbled the words, her mind and her soul. They were conclusive after the third opinion, the big C, cancer. It has now touched her in a very personal way, invading her beloved, threatening to take all from her — from them. There was a 3-5 year survival rate under current acceptable treatment plans, if nothing goes wrong. She could see the fears darting out of his eyes, in search of hers, for a calming hope, a faith that she would stand with him, lay with him, during the life sustaining treatment when the time comes. Damned Multiple Myeloma (who ever heard of such crap?); now it consumes her even as she affirms her eternal love, now, always, forever and longer.


Paige von Liber is a poet and artist. She works full time as wife, mother and legal document specialist.