But I Did Shoot Deputy

by Kent Oswald

Missing was not an option. There should be no second act, although I had a fleeting thought that perhaps there would just be a flag with "bang" spelled out on it. I aimed the Rohm 38S my uncle gave me years ago at my left temple. With eyes closed tightly I pulled the trigger and must have flinched as the bullet hit Deputy, who had been eyeing me from the shelf near the window with the glare of a Siamese Sphinx (and,who knows, maybe angry chihuahua, too) mix that wouldn’t forgive me even though it was my (our) ex who brought him into the house and then, apparently, dumped us both. Didn’t think I could hit the side of a barn, as the saying goes. Interestingly, I did feel more optimistic about life as that cat stiffened and then stiffed, so perhaps I’m not such a bad shot after all.


Kent Oswald currently serves as an adjunct lecturer on writing at Lehman College and media studies at City College of New York. More words of urgency and reflection are here.