Ice Bridge

by Raewyn Bassett

Face down, spread-eagled, I cautiously slither forwards along the fragile, squall-sculpted ice bridge. Without warning, my feet slip sideways, hang off the jagged edge and threaten to wrench me into the crevasse below. My heart pounds, competing with the relentless cracking and thundering of ice all around me. I thrust the ice pick into the frozen surface, grip it tightly, and heave my flailing legs back onto the ledge. Fear dribbling down my chin, I lie inert until the risks of lingering seep into my mind, startling me to action. Sliding perilously with each small advance, plunging the pick into the wind-polished ice, I dig toe crampons deep, stretch, reach, and repeat, slowly inching closer, my weary eyes fixed on the other side.


Raewyn Bassett, passionate about the craft of flash fiction, enjoys creating strings of character and plot that tell the tiniest of stories in just a few words.