On a Wink and a Prayer

by Kent Oswald

Hello My Bubble. Alternative strategy to ranting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or among ourselves in Terry McMillan-themed book club covens where we share jokes with punchlines of NPR correspondent names. When you see folks sporting MAGA merch to keep their brains warm, walk up and let them know how much you appreciate their wearing that propellerless beaniebrainy cap IRONICALLY. If they argue they are not wearing their red meat topper that way, don't get triggered or engage with well meaning diatribes, even those full of facts. Explain they seem too intelligent to believe Mexico will eventually pay for the ego wall, or that Mr. Tangerine Man is self-funding his campaign, or he ever had a real plan to help America deal with Kim Jong-Un or Putin, or that he can name the Confederate traitors honored with the monuments he fetishises... and so you want them to know you get the joke. Then give them a wink and walk away.


Kent Oswald tries not to cause too much trouble in New York City. More non-provocative words can be found here.